The Sword is the Pen

He Art

written by: Jack Tupac Pennington

Now everyone knows

where you start

is where your heart

begins its journey to

go far.

Stay grounded

profound in

the sound within

remember what you


you can always leave


These townships

material in their


manifest fake shit

no eyes needed

its always about

how you have been


you never conceded

just feel it

to be real you have

to heal

not just self

but those around

because here is


fragile is life


as every step is


are un-capable


a pre-judgement fable

nothing is payable

change is stable

trying has no failure

art pokes its finger

like a scorpion stinger

communication is key

to the growth of a


Nurture your nature

don’t tame her

don’t profit or gain

from her

just love, understand, and respect the


he comes from she

and she from he


in how to be

so let others be

so you can be

like a bee

making honey for


that’s our only true


Babylon Tower of Power

written by: Jack Tupac Pennington

You tube your brain cells,

stare at your cell phones,

dumbing you down.

Face it you are a crook

medusa use you and a

mythology will slay

you all the same

These gadgets

making you think, it could be


Don’t ask your neighbor

ask google,

who needs people

there’s an app for that.

Crowdsource some more un-useful


Consume until you see, eat, and breathe


Buy till you die.

Lie and deny about strife,

it aint’ in your bubble,

it aint’ your trouble.

Communicate everything fake

or just make it up,

mix it up,

remix it,

the more money there will be for the


War is like fucking a virgin whore

keeping you cursing




as the Babylon Tower

anger hour plants another

hippy flower.


you liked it

even your heart thinks its


Give in you like trite

little clichès

broadcasted and casted

in commercials

cause they aint hurdles you

have to jump, they seep in

reap in huge profits

and gains doing it in names

stories with no purpose

other than how to keep

you, so you think you can

be a millionaire

but actually you scared cause

you don’t know yourself

and given the chance

you’ll just freak out

and buy a new stance.

A trillion voices turned on

all at the same time

drowning out any doubt

confusion in the super user

super analytics

to observe the herd,

single out the critical and


Its the super highway


Its open for use

for abuse

its your own


and the best part is you can share

with some other fools who are getting


by the same tools.

Be aware,

the Babylon Tower of power

is keeping the tyrants in power

because in real life you aren’t using your heart

to tell and do

The Exodus of Nature

written by: Jack T. Pennington

Upon the shores of fisherman

red in the face

due to not just the sun,

but promises undone. 

Unions broken,

waves of emotion

sunk ships of hope. 

Tears were salty stinging reminders of the past,

white hot blasts

that erased life

and now one had no diction

for the word “thrive”. 

Energy is dangerous in the hands of thumbs up likers of all,

excess the access

to wisdom through the

choice of being dumb. 

A mouse is wise

in his crumb

know it’s existence

is a present in this tense. 

No border drawn can negate

the negativity you propagate

nature is round

and profound

like a frequency unheard,

deep mysterious

but she is furious. 

Your duty to nurture

will know no limit,

magnet adjusted

for all and dusted

we will become

because of an idea

of a kingdom thinking all the while you are the only one.

"Still There"

written by: Jack Tupac Pennington

Still there coffee

in the air

morning stairs

faces more stares

still who cares

I am still here

still prepared

this place has me


tear torn

social porn

drink from the horn

call of the wild

I gots style

all the while

after so many a while

after so many a trial

still with that wanting to be free

in my mind

here I find

Buying time

time finding


in mine

in ours

seconds, minutes

hours, days

Now never fades

staying in one


Ritual never obeys

social case



connection subjection

mere suggestion

keeps new comers


stayers confession

wont had thought

I would stay to


The place where I lay my head is


Never forgetting what life


Thinking my spirit shall never be


On this stage one last


Get what I have


on this sphere one of many a


Enjoying everything till the last



written by Jack T. Pennington

Being loyal makes your breathing time on this planet royal.

Perhaps mothers' are one star alone but they alone do not brighten the sky


Here it comes,


thought of cast down kings and bums

loyalty to selfishness

keeping in mind you are the only keeper of your own health.

Loyalty to others is staying at their side even when the tide is against you.

Loyalty and trust

is like time and dust

Honor is a must

relation to understanding patience

weeding out traitors

political waiver

group behavior a gesture,

a favor

loyalty is a relationship


sour at the wrong


but if not had leaving everything ripe turning


the hidden shadow that shall devour

the strongest of power

to it cowards


even hatred can help to not build a fortress

or tower

to keep one from the wrath of

loyalty not had leading all away on a path not easily forgiven past

straight to hell

moving fast

devils, demons, destroyers onto you I demand you force their hand

for one grain of sand does not make land

deny their existence that very place where they stand

loyalty is the royalty

in me, myself, and eye

steady hands pry

old hearts cry

loyalty in thyself

shall never die

loyalty unto others is a lie

the answer to man's question of why

a controlled trick by which he shall die

"Life's Escalations"

written by Jack T. Pennington

Mad doesn't describe the skull and cross bone images that scribe one's tomb

life's escalations

your flirt with death's


we could have found a solution

compromised a resolution

but that doesn't fit

this years social institution

because fuck having intuition

life learning skills its about consuming expensive thrills

and when you gotta problem

take five of those stay alive pills

so you, can go on

havin' expensive thrills

you helpin' the politicians with easy kills

making followers drills


for educations practice

trained synaptic

the fact is

far away or just way to fuckin' distracted to give a shit anyway

ooh the games humans play

don't fuckin complain

the truth is hideous stain

nobody wants to give it


Life's escalations may have delayed us

but it makes us trust us

thinking towards a future

somewhere not far

symbiotic would be is perhaps a Utopian


a hidden stance

one fucking instance

of thought that shit that can't be bought


but gone unfaught makes critical item waiting to be porducted and and baught by the oldies who got caught

not showing feelings

feeling things

and telling others not to be


while they keep keeping

blind humans trying to

inspire others to keep


This Won`t Be the Last

written by Jack T. Pennington

This won`t be the last not the first this verse and many more are here to emplore us of words as swords to slay

the dragons that want you to want and you think you have, but its an illusion at best it is what ever you guess this is just logic spun from a spider that eats fire.  The first time is a lie, the last is a gas that can be passed.  There are no facts.  Do what do do because being is not the same as Sleeping!  Awake you yourself in self you will find all the wealth.  Money, paper, plastic, gold, silver, all used to

gain something thrown away turned to dust and sprinkled over the very food you need to trust.  Radiation isn`t just spread over one nation expect the unexpected we can squat the fucking moon!  Take out blood of earth, dust of death, time of space, spirit of face and she will swallow us whole.  Destroy egos mother of our nature for we share not ths lofty lot, no , we plot to take over, theorize a controller.  No big picture here just lots of fear we are further from ourselves as near to civilization in creation or some sub-mental Masterbation.  No, no this is a material manifestation optimistic Materialization of devision of all, a label to help us loose trust in metaphysical formation in ourselves, our dreams are meant to be more than what they seem.  A feeling has more worth as Communication than all the idealism created for brain rape, for it is as unique as a sunrise or sunset to be appreciated in all ist glory a part of every story inwards and outwards infinately.


written by Jack T. Pennington

Whats there to


we got our reasons to


lookin for others to


wantin change

thinkin we playin

a game

nothin new still we want


to smile and feel


the hurt still


not dead just stronger

holdin on a bit longer

through doin wrong

know whats proper

they look and stare

come in my trap and

get snared and scared

pain its there

always prepared

cause someone


step over that line

and time

came and went

but I am still bent

out of shape

bein real to the


King to the snake

wisdom in the name

stealin fate

breakin hate

Doin it with my trade

in death we fade

just another human trait

Pain is nothing and

still great

Meaning in movement


Keeps healing in the game

water in the rain

life in frame


living that can


"Its all in a Handshake"

written by Jack T. Pennington

When we are happy to

see each other we hug

one another whether

sister or brother

when business doeth a

long breath our hand

are solemn away pointed

under our breast

as if in action against

the coming test.

When enemy in front of

stomach holding gut having

to have guts to touch

palm upwards perhaps a pull

all to lull a false

picture or draw a fist

for sure

A kiss or flurry of

them like doves

climbing the skies

all whence with

glittery twinkle eyes

even where love lies

in these midst it tries.

Its all in a handshake

even though that is

primitive and truly a

mistake passing of hands

like money, an idealism

standing for something


Wonder what I am, the copy test man, into your consciousness I plunge and whence read you understand that I am not only in your head.

copyright 2002-2020

"No need for a shield, because dragons, in this day and age don't breathe fire; only fake words. Dragons don't attack they throw paper money at your soul."

quote from the book "The Pen is the Sword the Graphic is the Flag" copyright 2002 on the Gutenburg Press Mainz Germany written and printed by Jack T. Pennington